Tour Management
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Tour Management Software

Product Overview:

  • Low level tour operators
  • Middle level tour operators
  • High level tour operators

The focus of this product is to ensure that the tour operators can manage their tour packages by Creating, Editing and maintaining of each tour through their admin. They can add multiple tour packages and manage them at any time.

This product is available at 3 ways.

  • One time sale of the product including the payment gateway of your choice
  • If you have your own website and want to do online tour packages, we will provide that facilities to include our product in your website along with payments gateway which will be on our server.  After completion of tour booking and as per terms, a percentage of an amount will be deducted. Remaining amount & booking details will be included in to your admin page.
  • If you don’t have a website and want to do online tour package, we place a unique page for you in our website that page will be fully dedicated for your online tour package which can be accessed by your admin through a unique username and password. For this a percentage of amounts will be deducted based on booking on the tour packages.

Product Features:

  • Fast and easy to create/Edit Tour packages.
  • Work from anywhere: Web based user interface provides secure access from anywhere and anytime using any web browser on the internet.
  • Create unlimited packages such as Honeymoon, Pilgrimage, Sightseeing, Group Tours, Season Special Tours, international Tours, Etc.
  • Admin has the option of enable or disable a Tour package at anytime.
  • Have a facility to take reports on how many have visited and booked the tour packages on daily / Weekly/ Monthly basis.
  • Admin can create his own Tour Package details which include information such as Bus details; Boarding & rate, Available seats, No of days before a tour should be booked and the remarks on the tour packages.
  • Mobile Alert: When a Tour Package is booked by the user, the status of the booking will be sent to the admin through mobile.
  • Admin can use the option of “News Scrolling” for highlighting any new offers on their tour packages.
  • Admin can take reports on how much revenue has been generated for a particular period of Time/Days based on the Tour Date & Transaction Id.
  • Only Admin have the rights to Create / Edit / Delete the Tour packages.
  • User Level permissions can be assigned by the admin, so that permissions like Create / Edit / Delete can be assigned to others.
  • User level permission can be enable or disabled at any time by the Admin.
  • Booked tickets of the Tour Package will be saved in the user’s system as PDF file and also sent to the mail id which the user specified when registering their details.
  • All the details about the tour will be available on the ticket itself.
  • User has the facility to check whether the Tour package is available for the date of their choice.
  • The details which are given by the user while booking will be in a secured way and cannot be accessed by any third party.

Why ?

  • Professionally managed
  • Timely deliverables
  • State of art solutions
  • Flexible & customer oriented
  • Open ended solutions, yet secured and rugged model.
  • Delightful experience
  • Committed
  • Reasonable cost
  • 24 / 7 customer support